Saturday, November 27, 2010


Friday November 26th
Grace in Small Things

1) It snowed last night or this morning. My windshield wipers were stuck in the "I did not turn them off last night" position that Joe hates and keeps telling me that I am going to burn up the little wiper motor. But all was good, got the icy thickness off before the motor burnt up.
2) Thank God for rubber pan cake flippers. All year long I have moved around the ice scrapers from here to there but when you need one they are no where to be found. A thick rubber pan cake flipper works great. That spray works better but did not have that either.
3) Began making my move on E-bay to replace my lost Breyer race horse ornaments. Man!! They are extremely high on Amazon! Jimminee. I have my eye on a lot of seven, might be the entire collection put out by Breyer so far. Having my eyes open on Amazon at just how collectible these babies are I am rethinking the Zenyatta order. Maybe I should order several of them?
4) By some crazy fluke, I made the monthly sales goal on Stella & Dot.
5) $10 gift card from Biscuit Bucket. I could have had a $100 one but I am too unconcerned at collecting stars on my apron. But dang it, $100 would have been nice. As accommodating as Heather Be Thy Name has been to me in the past months I bet I just could sashay my way to that 4 star apron.

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Lori said...

Never thought of using a rubber pancake flipper! I'll have to give that a try.