Friday, November 19, 2010


Thursday Nov 10th

1) Finally broke down and opened the box on the front porch - in it was a new watch for May-May!!
2) Did I tell you all I smashed the crystal of yet another watch at my BIL's 50th B-day party. Yes, I lost my balance and went down and caught myself on my left hand - which is the hand I wear the watch on. And the bands are always very loose so, I once again smash the crystal on my watch. But, I was uninjured and time took on new certain dreaminess when I was watchless for a little over a month. It seemed to go a little faster at times.
3) Remembered I have SIRUS radio and listened to BB King station all morning.
4) Did I mention I took two day off from the Mall? And I was not on the schedule at the Bucket? So I had a whole free day. (and Joe was in Memphis)
5) Went to Goodwill and found some interesting things - three more cook books among them.

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