Tuesday, November 02, 2010


October 21

1) Right before I woke up someone spoke to me before I opened my eyes, "Your only limitations are those you set for yourself" -
2) Still eating left over ice cream cake - still good
3) MD1 sent home sick - why is this good? Don't ask. Doom & gloom all week at office.
4) Got a haircut!
5) Found out the "child" cutting my hair is from the Tiny Town I am presently find myself living in. We talked about Tiny Town and the Mennonites getting killed lately, either from lightening strikes while harvesting sweet potatoes, or by a drunk driver hitting the guys tractor, joy riding in a front loader, or being wiped out while riding a bicycle. "They are always getting killed" she said sadly - it was dark sad sick funny. She did give me a great haircut!

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