Friday, November 19, 2010


Saturday Nov. 6th

1) Watched Avatar on cable and, just like when I watched 300 thinking I was going to dislike it, I loved it! Great movie. Joe fell asleep. Said it was too long. He fell asleep during Lost in Translation - four times (Netflix and cable). That time it was the dreamy music.
2) Found some Bourbon Barrel type beer at Sango Walmart.
3) Oh oh oh - love the Sango Walmart!! It is like the Walmart in Olive Branch, easy to find things, large aisles and the people shopping in there are ....well, lets say different.
4) One of my customers told me they are going to buy more jewelry! Hurray!
5) After the Fashion Show at the Mall (OMG - it was disastrous! I felt very bad, and kind of guilty for not helping out) I walked out into the bright beautiful sunshine and realized I was FREE FREE FREE for 24 hours!

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