Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 5th

Grace in Small Things

1) Slipped out of the Mall and avoided the dress rehearsal for the upcoming Fall Fashion Show. I am beginning to hate the fashion shows! hate them. Lot of drama and smelly feet - yes, some people don't know how to bathe properly and in the confines of a small dressing room it's pee - ewwwwww.
2) Had the most God awful stack of account payables to finish that it was as huge relief to get them in the mail. When I worked at another company, years and years ago, I was in the corporate office in the accounting department. Our facilities would authorize the payables and then send them up to us to finalize, enter into the computer and cut the checks. Not this company, I have to do everything but cut the check. Even balance my budget! If the money is not there I have to syphon it from another account! It's crazy! I have never seen such accounting in my life!! It makes me just insane, but this is the life I live.
3) One of the security guards, the girl one, came into the office wearing those skinny jeans and a long sweater. She looked great. Helping with the fashion show is making her blossom!
4) MDI not in the office until 1pm then she vanished. This was good for me to slip away at 5pm.
5) Found this cool group on Meet-Up called Little Black Dress Club. So I joined! I'm officially a joiner now.

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