Saturday, February 27, 2010

Number 88

Grace in Small Things

1) While walking the Mall doing something or another, some survey that takes me to the merchants, I was handed a bag of goodies from the Amway lady I helped out the day before giving her info about the Home Based Business Show. And oh my, what a bag of terrific goodies it was. I shared with the Long Suffering Receptionist(Op's Secretary (the one who really runs the Show).

2) The downloaded pictures from Saturdays Bridal Expo were fantastic and we laughed and laughed watching them on a slide show.

3) (This is why I was walking the Mall)- Handing out thank you notes to the merchants for their generosity for the Bridal Expo.

4) Joking around with Maintenance.

5) Rolling Stone magazine. (thank God I had it to waste 29 minutes...waiting and waiting and waiting....)

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