Monday, February 01, 2010

Last Day of January First Month of the New Year

gIst #64

1) Going into work at Biscuit Bucket (which I am working part time 15 or so hours per week b/c Mall job pays p-nuts) and knowing that Rita has been working that day because the stuffed animals are positioned in some compromising positions (her way of saying hello to me). (I'll get some pic's w/ phone if I can!!)

2) Learning that the little wheelie thing on the mouse makes the screen go up and down very fast (teaching an old dog new tricks)

3) Watching the segment on the play Our Town on CBS Sunday morning. At one point they took four young adults to the play. They got the message - even in this wired in age they/we live in - that you have to stop and look up and see the sky. To stay grounded. That all the tiny things in ones life make the masterpiece. Sort of like Grace in Small Things.

4) Dental floss.

5) Finding a bottle of Breck shampoo at the dollar store and remembering the Breck Girls of the 1960's - Didn't everyone use Breck at one time?

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