Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Number 69

GiST February 5th

1) Paid all the bills! Feeling of relief and accomplishment

2) Decided to take a trip "back home" tomorrow.

3) Today everyone was asked to wear something red in honor of American Heart Day (I think, I did not read the memo too closely) and while searching my sparse closet I found I had ironed my red shirt that week-end!

4) Nothing like a Friday night in a Military town.

5) Happy people at the liquor store.

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Nelle said...

OMG it was the anniversary of my heart surgery and I forgot this year. Guess that is good. I loved number 1. Last weekend I finally got MOST of the disability check due me for Jan. I get a one week paycheck this Friday. I should get all my bills paid then. Woohooo!!!
What a feeling! CHIA
(this is a Nelleism for Clicking Heels in Air)