Monday, October 25, 2010


Grace in Small THings
October 6th Wednesday

1) German Chocolate Cake
2) No watch to constantly check the time. Guess what? Time seems to go by faster! I broke watch on the two mile walk from Pt. A to Pt. B after the Surprise birthday party. I fell off a curb - lol. Once again, the angels caught me but my watch (once again this is the second damn time I have busted a crystal this way!) was not so lucky.
3) Spoke to Bridget after a long silence.
4) Kind of depressed over the sorry turn out for my Stella & Dot party. keep remembering Joe's "Walk it off" analogy.
5) Something wonderful about candy corn! Especially Indian Corn!


Monica said...

Yum to German Chocolate Cake.

Maybe it's a sign that your not suppose to wear a watch? I had three watches that I lost when washing my hands ... I was always at home when it happened too! I'm thinking the ex had something to do with that. Now I don't wear them and yes, time goes fast when your not watching the time. =)

Give the Stella a chance, things take time especially in the economy. It wasn't the brand my daughter was looking at. Unfortunately she got frustrated with their website. I don't wear jewelry at all. =(

J said...

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