Monday, October 25, 2010


October 3rd
Grace in Small things

1) Breakfast at Lynn's Paradise cafe
2) Seeing C.W. who I have not seen for quite some time. She gave me a beautiful gift of heavy glass candle sticks made in Ireland. They are simply gorgeous!
3) Go to St. James Art Fair! A surprise for me. Did not expect to go.
4) Found a fairy. I think I am collecting fairy's now.
5) We walked from the surprise party to the love shack b/c of the throwing back of libations. In the morning Joe took off to get the car. It was a two mile hike!! How did I do it the night before??? Thank God for Bardstown Rd. A safe walk from point A to point B. Joe arrived at the Love Shack (name given to my sis's spare house they have in the Highland area off B-town road) with coffee. So sweet considering he is not a coffee drinker. Guess he knew I needed it - BAD.

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