Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday Friday Friday

Grace in Small Things
June 3rd

1) Made a huge salad with apples and raisins and Chinese noodles purple cabbage carrots regular lettuce and celery. Low cal ranch. OMG - I could eat this all day long. Thanks Mom.

2) Broke out my yellow Kino's and broke the Mafia law about showing toes. Will I live to tell or swim with the fishies?

3) The schedule at Biscuit Bucket I find I have been knocked down to only two days!! WTH! WTF? Oh yea, my crack about her not knowing what Memorial Day is all about. Is this a blessing in disguise? I am very cranky and crusty at times.

4) Help one of my selections for the display cases by pulling some mannequins out of store for them to use. The maintenance guys need to transport signage I removed from the display case and return to store. "Which one is it?" they ask, "Look for a cart full of body parts and you'll find it" "10-4" they respond. They respond as if they incur body parts all the time.

5) I love my job (wish it paid more)

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