Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday in a never string of Tuesday's

Grace in Small Things

1) Have Animal House party this coming week-end and old Non-High School reunion for the classes of 1970-1980 next week-end! Non-H.S. b/c I lived there but went to school at the Catholic High in another city. But, I am being allowed to go b/c I know everyone and it's only a technicality. Joe might go too, ditto for him.
2) Spoke to old high school Bud Biggie G re: High School gathering.
3) The rain is beautiful
4) We are replacing Mrs. Long Suffering and one of the interviewees also got a job at Biscuit Bucket and lo and behold, she might get the job at the Mall. Wouldn't that be something.
5) The A/C is back on (in office)

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