Friday, July 02, 2010

June 25th

Day 208

1) Use Number 12,873,978,009,187 for Duct Tape. Removal of cat hair from black pants.
2) On way into work I was speeding along the six mile stretch from KY to TN and passed a police car who slammed on their brakes and made a U turn on the two lane highway (no small feat if you know what I mean) and turned on that dreaded blue light and came bearing down on me. I knew I was speeding, but not really speeding. I was doing about 59 in a 55. That did not matter as my heart rate began to increase and I mentally began to do a check list of my recent and not so current parking tickets, left head light out (but it's day light!) and its been too many years to even count since I puffed puffed passes, and I do not drink before noon any day! The adrenaline rush kicked in as I slowed down and pulled over to the side to let him/them race around me and pull over the truck ahead of me with the large ladder strapped w/o some red flags - or at least that was my call. Then I needed to drink.
3) Joe got a big fat check and I could not figure it out, A big fat raise. Days later I find out it is a redistribution of medical insurance. A refund so to speak, taxed again. But, you know what? I found out, while sharpening up my political views because I am surrounded by a bunch of know it all conservatives AKA Rednecks who assume their rabid mean spirited politics are your politics, of 30 industrial countries that are used to monitor and judge the rest of the world, the US ranks pretty high as a least taxed nation.
4) My solicitation genius knows no bounds. Get a box of great stuff from Borders.
5) It's Friday. Porch Sale. I have set some stuff aside in the hopes that the 60% off will be 80% by Sunday (it is)

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