Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Day 154

Saturday May 1st
GiST May Day Style

1) Derby Day! And I had to work at the Mall b/c we had a big celebrity autograph signing event. Yet, I left at 5pm (central time) and made a straight dart for home. Oh no!! The rain had been coming down in buckets all day (and morning, perhaps you have seen the mess in Nashville? over 7 inches of rainfall in one day? Well, Clarksville got the same!) First barrier, the wreck to get on I-24. I was able to skirt around it by just moving over to the shoulder (come on people!! anyone ever traveled I-64!!????)(satisfaction of seeing many others follow my example....geez). Then things slowed again o/s tiny town! A tree down in the road. My God, let's get out of the car and drag it out of the way! There is a Derby to watch! They are saddling up! Made it home just in time to grab a Mint Julep and plop down in front of the tv to see them round the first turn!

2) Had fun working the crown at event. I sold the tickets and was joking with the fans. It was neat-o.

3) Got a fabulous hair cut.

4) Love the Aussie stuff that makes your hair stand on end and stay there.

5) Shared the ticket table with the Mkt. Mgr. from another city. She was not a conversationalist. And I was looking forward to speaking with her as we started our positions around the same time. She responded to my queries with short one syllable answers. My God! She texted the entire time we had a break in our action and then would just stare into the distance. I was so disappointed, as I love to listen to people talk about themselves. Very unusual. The grace in it all was that I had my Bon Appetite magazine handy. Always prepared. I was a Girl Scout.

6) Added bonus GiST's - my Girl Scout training (lol).

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