Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 167

Grace in Small Things
May 14th, 2010 Friday

1) Was called to the door with a fierce pounding. It was the kid next door, "Your Three Legged Cat is being chased by a dog!" I ran outside and found a group of school ready kids surrounding the mini van and TLC hunkered under it,hissing and terrified. The next door lady (the skinny smoker who is/was unfriendly) holding the yapping small black and brown dog who was happily trying to get back down and play with the cat. "He tried to climb the tree, but couldn't lake it b/c of his tree legs! The dog had a mouthful of fur!" I dragged TLC out from under the running vehicle and rushed him into the house where I did a quick once over. No wounds, just where he had been gummed. Now we are all friends, except the cat and the wayward dog.

2) Left the Mall early to go to Biscuit Bucket. I am weary of the Mall this week.

3) Found some old protein bars one of our merchants gave us for swag bags. I am craving protein these days. It was dinner.

4) For the first time ever I brought in my diploma and hung it in my office, the one I never get to use. My diploma is a monster. I think UofL wanted their sheepskins to be twice the size of UK's. It looks so cool in there. While at the Beverage Co. I had a cubicle and not walls per se. In Ft. Wayne I shared a box with the three guys, so no available wall space. I just remembered that my "wall" was the huge window. Jeez.

5) Decided to skip the Farmers Market venture and sleep in on Sat. morning. A huge relief.

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