Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Day 153

Grace in small things
April 30th

1) Joe home early from tip to MS. Thought he was staying until Sunday, but he cancelled and came home.

2) Thinking Joe was not coming home, picked up a Pizza from Papa Murphy's - a stuffed crust pizza. Those things weigh a ton and taste like a million. Joe thinks they are toooooooooooo fattening (they are).

3) Began reading a new book since I had to return the book I was reading to the library and could not renew because 4 people have requested it (The Girl with the Golden Tatoo...?) (I just read 'em) and it is an English book (sometimes I hate the British way of life, it's so.......British) about two women facing financial difficulties and they begin to produce a heath product. Kind of hit close to home and as soon as I finish catching up on my GiST I'm going to read a little of it.

4) After eating all that great and carbo overload and artery clogging pizza, I fell asleep at 9pm. So much for raising the roof in Joe's absence.

5) Wide awake at 2am! Cleaned kitchen and vacuumed cleaned kitty liter box, cleaned bathroom. Ahhhh...insomnia, you gotta love it.

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