Friday, May 28, 2010


Grace in Small Things
May 20th

1) Made a bunch of phone call to the merchants to accumulate feed back regarding the huge celebrity event we had on the 1st day of the historic flood. It was a great connection. Got a lot of good feed back.
2) The box of Snicker doodles from Biscuit Bucket.
3) Found my jewelry repair kit in garage without too much difficulty. Was able to repair one of my fav pair of earrings.
4) Found my J. Peterman jacket in the closet, hidden and smashed between the winter coats.
5) Pick up Paycheck from Biscuit Bucket and it is bigger than I expected! So I bought that flimsy cute blouse I've had my eye one for awhile and got it for 70% off plus my discount. Didn't realize it was so marked down! A very pleasant surprise.

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