Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Day 156

Grace in Small Things
May 3rd, Monday

1) All girls in office. Token male absent. Let the party begin.

2) C-ville is under water. We are approx.5 miles away from downtown, the worst hit area. The Mall is dry despite rumors to the contrary.

3) The Milkshake joke. Goes like this. I went out Friday and bought myself and Mrs. Long Suffering milkshakes. They are buy one get one at Steak and Shake. Somehow the idea got out I was going to bring back a surprise for everyone! I felt like a Dog. A cheapskate Dog at that. Later on Mr.Property Manager goes out and comes in with a milkshake and gives it to Mrs. Long Suffering, "For you, you have had a long bad week", he begins to walk down the hallway turns and grins at me, "Oh Mary, did you want too? Too bad!" and walks off. Very funny. Maybe you had to be here, but it was hilarious.

4) The Ice Queen very happy about the success of the week-end event. Kudos's given to her by the Mafia Boss.

5) Biscuit Bucket closed early due to flood. Hurray!

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