Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Back

DAY 158
Grace in Small Things
May 5th

1) My glasses fell into the toilet at work. I could not believe it! Learned a valuable lesson, do not hang your glasses on your neck then lean over the bowl to flush. Rejoice that they were $1 glasses from Dollar Tree.

2) Getting out of car that same day earlier in the morning, had a mega cup of coffee in my old Coca Cola 24 oz. hard red plastic tumbler and spilled it all down the front of my white blouse! Holy cow!Good thing was the coffee was not real hot and that I had an extra shirt with me. God knows why, no God does know why.

3) Mrs. Long Suffering and I had a long talk about her ill husband. After she finished telling me her tale of woe she said, "I don't know why I am telling you all this! Maybe because when people ask how things are going and I begin to tell them and I see their faces glass over as they try to pretend to listen and care. But you do listen and you do care." Ah, that was so sweet. I know one thing, I am a good listener most the time. I do care and I am interested. Joe would disagree about my listening abilities thought. But then again, wouldn't most husbands?

4) All set up to run the show on Saturday, the Mothers Day event. It's my baby and I am ready.

5) I work in a woman's world at the Bisquit Bucket. We now have a token male who is a restaurant manager. I realized that he is actually gorgeous! What fabulous blue eyes. It was pretty nice because I mentioned it in my notebook for GiST's "Chad has really really blue eyes!"

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