Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Day 152

Grace in small things
Thursday April 29th

1) Well, Well Well, Jimmy V. shows up at the Mall a.k.a. The Boyfriend, our mob boss from Ohio (doesn't that sound funny).

2) The day before we were going over the account payables and I had not updated and printed the payments for several months, just putting them in by hand. I had made a project to get it accomplished and Thank God, the Mob boss asked to see it. Ms. Ice Queen came out and asked for it (Remember this was a surprise visit) with a scowl on her face anticipating what she was going to see - I was so proud of myself for being so Proactive. (hahahahah)

3) While I was fixing the payables book I had taken out the three hole punch to assemble the pages. I remembered at The Beverage company this particular employee always kept the # hole punch at this desk for safe keeping and every time I used it I ended up scattering the debris all over his desk. It became my signature to him to let him know. Kinw I had been there. I took all those little pieces and folded them up in an envelope and mailed it to him at work addressed "personal and confidential". I hope he finds it as hilarious as I do.

4) Had my Personal Assessment or Eval as Biscuit Bucket calls it (it was awaful, but more on that later) and it was fast and furious and I went home.

5) Payday on both fronts. Yay.

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