Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

September 19th, Sunday
Grace in Small Things

1) Cleaned (partially) out the garage and made a trip to Goodwill.
2) Bought a new photo program for the digital camera. Looked longingly
at the Photoshop program, but all I ever do is rotate and crop. Sometimes
get rid of red eye. And the occasional sepia. So I spent a lot less on a
inferior product. (only did I find out later how inferior).
3) Made a killer chicken salad with sunflower kernels and grapes - so good.
4) Found my high school year book for scanning into the computer for our
upcoming reunion and subsequent FaceBook page. Kind of a bummer that some
of the cool kids will not be my friend on FB. Boo. A hex on you!
5) It official -Deb coming to KY for the Animal House Hay Ride.

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