Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thursday is 292

and approximately 73 to go

Grace in Small Things - September 16th

1) Found Stella & Dot on computer and am interested in finding out more about direct selling jewelry
2) Love Jordan Almonds and got a bag from Kroger's from their candy island
3) My Cindy Crawford skin care system samples arrived in the mail today
4) Forgot that last week I had a great Grace in that I went to the movies and saw Eat, Pray, Love. Now I have to admit a time or two I was tempted to glance at my watch and see how much of the movie was left - that is until Javier came on the screen then it was all good. But, I truly enjoyed the book - which I read some three or four years ago - and the protagonist presented to me was not how I envisioned her. In the first place once or twice I felt like screaming at the screen! But like I said, when Javier came on, I calmed down. I couldn't find much to relate to, sympathize or like about Liz. I just think they did not do the book justice - until Javier came on the screen. And for the life of me, I can't remember a love affair in the book?! Anyway, it had been a long time since I have sat in the dark, with a bag of artery clogging buttered popcorn in my lap, sneaking my 20 ounce coke out of my purse, and settling back to be caught up in larger than life fantasy - and I loved it.
5) Hot buttered popcorn at the movies (lol)

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Watch out for those almonds... they broke off part of my front tooth. Books are almost always better than the movies... but I agree, there's just something about sitting in the dark, with popcorn, watching that big screen.