Monday, September 13, 2010

September 4

Grace in Small Things

1) Am Manager on Duty at Mall and very tired. Worked at the Bucket until 1145pm the night before and then back at Bucket at 8am. So I took a nap on the floor at the office. It was great!
2) The usual crowd of hooligans and misguided youths were kind to us this Saturday night. We were able to herd them out without incident.
3) Joe came to Mall and we went shopping. He got a pair of Levi's and shorts for under $20! Amazing.
4) Decided I am going to make draperies for the living room and look at material. Feeling very domestic which I am not. I actually am tired of the old blanket hung over the front windows. We live like college students.
5) Have a hoard of magazines to read. Time, Martha Stewart, Nashville Parents, Cooking Club, bon Appetit.

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Lulu LaBonne said...

Getting curtains is a bit too grown up - I dance naked in front of naked windows xx