Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday and this must be Football

1) UK wins but it's not on TV. Have to watch Tennessee get beat instead. Who ever decided that they should wear orange? My God. Did Peyton Manning don the orange?
2) Find out that C-Lily grew up about 10 miles as the crow flies from where I grew up!
3) Worked morning shift at the Bucket. Glad to get out of there! Heather Be Thy Name was bleeding to death from an injury to the roof of her mouth! From drinking some "scalding coffee". The drama the drama!
4) Had fun afternoon with Joe thinking about going downtown to the Riverfest, thinking about going to this pizza place on Ft Campbell, thinking about his thinking about that...
5) Every time I open the door in the morning and call for Indaka and that silly cat comes, hopping along on his three legs, I feel tremendous relief.

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