Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday - September 14th

1) The jokester strikes again at the Mall. The inflatable doll lives again. This time sitting at the desk of the Security Chief. We all rush into the bay area to watch the joke play out..."Blah blah blah blah..." "Those reports are in my office." He heads that way with all of us closing in behind him. He throws open the door and there she is, in all her naked glory with a sign around her neck, "Hello You Big Stud" "WHAT THE HELL" he exclaims. Hilarious. Made the day.
2) Received in the mail two big packages from Beechnut I was not expecting for the Baby Fair! Thank You!
3) Found the lost remote control for the number bed. Whew.
4) My new shoes from Ross squeak. But they are the bomb.
5) Receive an e-mail from a mystery person.

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