Monday, September 13, 2010

279 of 365

Grace in Small Things
September 3 rd

1) On my 30 minute lunch break I made it to Wendy's, the Bank and the Post office!
2) Have been alerted to an on-line auction in Louisville - oh man, how I love these things.
3) Found the perfect bracelet (I'm into bracelet's these days)
4) Fell when I placed my foot in an unmarked hole in front of the sidewalk (lol) did not get hurt.
5) By falling I made a trip down memory lane remembering all my most famous falls - in particular the fall into traffic in front of the Newport on the Levee as we were getting ready to run across the six lanes of traffic to reach the Southgate House (a great tavern with live music). Joe picking me up and saying "Walk it off, walk it off" .....

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