Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The Mall offices are situated along the long hallway to the public bathrooms. There are times when we open the door and let the frigid air from the structure bathe our over heated offices.

This allows us to hear the coming and going along the corridor.

"I'm Tired of Being Discriminated Against." I did not react in any visible way when I heard this declaration drift into our offices as the accusers made their way to the rest rooms.

I felt them as much as heard them pass the door way as I turned (my back faces the door) and sneaked a peek at who had uttered this statement.

Two young women, one pushing a baby carriage.

I turned back to my desk, my work, my computer and caught the eye of the Long Suffering Ops Secretary.

"Try being black," I muttered to her.

"Try being female, old-middle aged, and fat" she uttered back.

We both cackled.

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Lulu LaBonne said...

middle-aged women = invisiblitis, I've been affected by this for a while now.