Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Live in the clouds

Grace in Small Things
March 23rd

1) Hancock Fabrics has a sale going on where an $129.99 sewing machine was being offered for $69.99. I researched and read the reviews and bought it! I may take it out of the box some day (lol)

2) My Amazon earnings was unexpectedly high!

3) Since I am having a life style change, I tossed out the Carrot Cake cookies after having only one (maybe 150 calories...)

4) Kind of a slow day for small things - but I was home for the evening and turned on NCIS, I wish I had watched it. Instead I watched one of the episodes of Amazing Race.

5) Still a slow grace day, so I drew a picture of my Three Legged Cat all stretched out with his back arched to show off how pretty he is (because I always begin chanting, 'what a pretty kitty....). I can not draw, but I wish you could see it.

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Lori said...

Great deal on that sewing machine!