Monday, January 04, 2010

Grace in Small Things

January 3, 2010 37/365

1) Breakfast of Country Ham, country bacon, biscuits and red eye gravy (my version w/o coffee b/c I had consumed all of it!), scrambled eggs and a big thank you to SIL Liz for the Christmas gift.

2) A long soak in the tub with my Mary Kay salt stuff also a Christmas gift.

3) Going to Bowling Green to visit Flealand with Joe. Found a great Coach knock off and spent most of the ride home examining it to determine if it really was a knock off or a reject! It's big, big enough to carry my Nikon with plenty of room to spare. I love it!!

4) Picking up a Courier Journal newspaper to read all about the UK verses UofL game from Saturday. (It was not a pretty game! Lot's of excitement and the best outcome. Being a UofL graduate its a no lose situation for me, but growing up 10 miles from UK I have been a life long True Blue fan, so there was no "throwing myself in the snow bank" Saturday afternoon). (Coach Pitino's comparison of UK and U of L fans. If UofL looses the state rivalry game they shrug and say, "We will get them next year". If UK looses the fans stagger out and throw themselves in a snow bank"). (very funny and sooooooooo true).

5) Wearing my chandelier silver earrings! Another Christmas gift and I love them!


Nelle said...

Curious about the red eye gravy!
Sounds like you got Christmas gifts you really liked. That is great. Glad to hear your pc is running again. Now that you can get online there are a lot of free malware programs you could use. Hope it keeps going for you!

Lori said...

Haven't had red-eye gravy in years!!
Go Big Blue!!!