Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting Caught Up (maybe)

Grace in Small Things 45/365 January 11th

1) Went on a guilt free shopping spree. Actually the guilt was just stalled for a little while.

2) Found a 15 qt. soup pot I thought I could not live without.

3) A bag of Pepperridge Farm cookies. White chocolate with macadamia nuts.

4) Bean soup made in the new soup pot. Some in the freezer for later.

5) My thick (horrendous) orange afghan that is so heavy and so warm that even a Zero degree night we stay cozy under its protective warmth.


46/365 GiST January 12th (maybe)

1) Flirted with by two different guys at the retail store. Nice!

2) Cut my bangs over the sink and they look good.

3) Found a Bubble Tea recipe.

4) Worked four extra hours because Rita was indisposed (need the money).

5) UK beat Florida on ESPN and it was a nail biter.
47/365 January 13th

1) Found two Moon Soap samples

2) Joined the local Health Club. They are so nice and enthusiastic that I could not help but be psyched up too!

3) Made my best batch of brownies ever and Joe took them to his employee appreciation lunch/cookout.

4) Finished book #4 of the year, the Liars Club by Mary Karr. It was pretty good but disturbing in that most of the children point of view books I have read of late all are centered around sexual abuse. It makes me cringe that all good memoirs and stories are based on sexual abuse because it sells. I shudder.

5) A thank you note from my sister Kitty.
48/365 January 14th

1) Survived the assessment and once through the training circuit at the Athletic Club.

2) Thought I was expected at work at 11am and on a second thought called and found out it was 2pm! Three whole hours of free time!

3) Received my Organic Gardening magazine in the mail and made me think that Spring is right around the corner and then I got sad b/c I no longer have a yard (per se) to dig and plant around in.

4) Joe brought home some hot chili from the employee appreciation day and it was very good!

5) Fifty degrees and spring like.
49/365 January 15th

1) Raspberry Chocolate hand lotion. I wanted to lick my hands all day.

2) Received a sample of Gevalia Kaffe in the mail and it was soooooooooooo good.

3) Coming home I spotted a legion of motorcycles all lined up at the corner gas station. Looked like a lot of people taking advantage of the spring like weather.

4) My building excitement over starting the job at the Mall on Monday.

5) The sock footie's that Heather-Be-Thy-name gave me for Christmas with the built in aloe. Oh, they are so nice. How does the aloe stay in them after a wash?