Saturday, January 09, 2010

Grace in Small & Big Things

January 8, 2010 42/365

Small things first

1) Geek Squad - I was unable to successfully rid myself of the insidious virus that continued to take over my computer and operating systems. It refused to launch the Rkill program on the SD card. I could use the computer with Mozilla but I was continually bombarded with messages that my computer was being attacked by a virus and I needed to run their security scan. Man I could have killed someone named R myself. But, I am back at the library and my computer will be at the hospital for several weeks. Oh well, what can you do.

2) My CD played in the car. How soothing that something works.

3) Khol's taking payments at the customer service desk. Makes life easier and efficient.

4) Very slow at work so I went home early and watched Joe's favorite all time movie THIEF with him, even though I have seen it a hundred times with him, he never tires of it.


5) While leaving the Goodwill store (and the paperback book that I was hoping was still there b/c I was too cheap to purchase it last week and it was! another GiST actually) it was very icy in the parking lot and I was thinking that I needed to be very careful with my footing b/c I did not need to fall.......and I saw out of the corner of my eye a person to my left slip and fall. I turned as she began to scream and cry. I hustled over there (still making sure I didn't slip myself) and asked that age old dumb question "Are you alright?" Or course she was not!! I squatted down beside her, it was very cold, around 20 degrees, she had no gloves on and a short jacket and her head wrapped in a warm scarf. She waved towards the island, she had fallen next the curb that held the green space for a single tree and some scraggly grass, and gestured towards her cell phone, "My Granny, I was talking to my Granny". I picked up the phone and handed it to her. She concluded the call all the while crying and saying, "I heard something POP in my knee". By this time a kind gentleman had emerged from the Dollar General store and was standing by asking if there was anything he could do. I dialed 911 and handed the phone to her to explain her injuries to the dispatcher. She was 21, (thank God). Another lady emerged from a parked vehicle and was calling 911 also. I commented that I wish I had a blanket in my car for her, she was sprawled out on the pavement and it was very icy and snowy. The gentleman said he worked a the Goodwill and shot off for a blanket. He returned and draped it over her. In the background we heard the ambulance wail as it made it's way to the Shopping Center. I waved the EMS truck over to the island and when they got out of the vehicle to begin helping her I patted her on the shoulder and said something like, "You will be okay, they will take good care of you." She reached up and looked me in the eye and grabbed my gloved hand and thanked me. I was very moved, actually. As I returned to my car I remembered the tv programs I had seen about people rushing by other people in distress, at one time even a small child crying on the sidewalk. It heartens me that not only myself made a bee line to help this woman, but several other people also.

Humanity still lives and thrives in Clarksville.

And the EMS vehicles are very very fast.


Nelle said...

Isn't Clarksville a small town and you have a Goodwill? The nearest Goodwill to me is almost to Trenton. It's difficult go get to and with things there being so hit or miss and it taking about 50 mins I just don't make the trip anymore. My son lives closer and gets some terrific deals though.

Cynthia said...

That's a very good day.

Lisa :-] said...

Ya done good, Mary! :)

Lori said...

Good job! I hope the young lady will be okay. How nice that you weren't the only one to top to help.

Lulu LaBonne said...

nice to have faith in humanity restored.

And great to hear things are improving on the job front.