Sunday, January 03, 2010

From My Computer to You

Have I fixed the virus without having to wipe out my Hard drive? Guess time will tell. I had to download this rkill program (at a romote computer, Joe's at work) to a stick and that did not work. So in despair I put my SD card in Joe's computer at work to download some pic's of the grand kids and the TLC (Three Legged Cat) and it asked if I wanted to download the program to the SD card - well, yea!

So, here is crossing my fingers that the "patch" or whatever you call it works. I was able to go back and restore my computer. (I have learned so much about DOS and the such these past 10 days)

So - TA-DA!

Grace in Small Things

34/365 December 31st, 2009

1) Dr. Scholl's gel inserts (need I say more).

2) Finishing Eliz. Berg's book and tying last years book count.

3) Puff's with aloe (I have a cold).

4) Alka seltzer cold plus knock off (I have a cold).

5) While driving home from working at Biscuit Bucket I was stopped at a road block (NYE) and instead of waved on like most the cars ahead of me I was given the light in the window treatment and asked if I knew my right head light was out, "Yes sir, I have a receipt here from VIOC where they replaced it in November1 I just realized it was out yesterday (lie, it was the day before) and I think I have a short". And as I pulled open the glove box and began to hunt for the receipt, and mentioning that I just got off from Biscuit Bucket, they sighed and waved me on saying "Get that taken care of." Oh, thank God!

35/365 January 1st, 2010

1) Scoop Away cat Liter.

2) Excellent buy on hot chocolate and mug at Biscuit Bucket.(next day found out it as a fluke! 70% off was incorrect. Hahahahahahah!!)

3) Hot chocolate with marshmallows for a night cap.

4) Full moon shining like a beacon on the ride home.

5) Looking for philosophical meaning each day - Thinking that every day you can find something to bitch about, to complain about. Making the decision that I would not do that. (I was standing outside the stock room door when Rita was on a rant about another co-worker that she has it in for. The door flew open and Heather-Be-Thy-Name emerged and dragged me backwards and got in Rita's face that this kind of gossip/back stabbing would not be tolerated! When she slammed the door she let me know in no uncertain terms that I should have nipped it in the bud - and in after thought I realized I had on two occasions instructed Rita to keep her voice down when trash talking K.)

36/365 January 2

1) Nettie pot (still have a cold)

2) Oatmeal with honey.

3) Suede gloves with fur lining (19 degrees outside).

4) Chili sauce from Viet Nam (about a 50 on the 100 scale!) in the chili.

5) A very nice chat with one of the young kids at work.


sunflowerkat321 said...

Happy New Year Mary! I know I haven't been by in a while. I'm going to try and get back to this blogging thing. You and the others who have stuck with it are an inspiration.

Cynthia said...

Hope the computer patch keeps on working. I love my Dr. Scholl's inserts, but I've found these things called Foot Petals (I think. I'll double check the brand name.) that are even better. Shoe cushions are retail survival gear.

Lori said...

I hope your computer is happy and humming along now! Love your lists!