Monday, January 11, 2010

January 9 & 10

Grace in Small Things

43/365 - Saturday

1) Preference by Loreal. Youthfulness in a box.
2) The Food network and Mango & Mint & Orange salad. (and a little bit of sugar)
3) Another Saturday off! This makes one day per week end the last three weeks!
4) My fur lined boots bought at the now defunct Valu City. How oh how will I find boots at an affordable price again?
5) Catching snowflakes on my tongue.

44/365 Sunday

1) Biscuit recipe memorized from cook book at work and they were wonderful!
2) Finished third book of the year, Hot House Flowers" by Margot Berwin, checked out of the library on a whim and it was very enjoyable. Gobbled it up in two sittings.
3) Meeting two women at Biscuit Bucket and having a nice informative conversation on where to shop and save the sales tax on food (its Almost 10% in Tenn! Well I never!)
4) Watching UT beat the #1 basketball team Kansas. (very good for UK)
5) Having C. so excited for me and the new job. C. is a 22 yr. old college student at Austin Peay who is majoring in communications hoping to get a job in marketing. She has been an intern for a charity this last semester and has worked with the Mall. Anyway, I loved it.


Nelle said...

We had a Value City a few miles away and I bought my artificial Christmas tree identical to the one at the garden place for half price. How we miss that place.
Do you have a Payless for Shoes?
they have good prices.

Chris said...

I've been paying the 10% for almost 10 years now and I'm STILL not used to it.

Lori said...

I miss our Value City in Clarksville too!