Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday and I am still Julia Childish

GiST's 60 of 365 January 26th

1) Walked the Mall and met half the tenets and chatted about "things".

2) While looking up Biker Shows I went onto Face Book and had a great chat with Coochie (from 'the good old days'.....we agreed on that).

3) Heather Be Thy name was a no show for my e-val. Thank God, my Julia Childish was wearing off by then.

4) Finished book number 7 of the year, "The Widow's Curse" by Phillip Depoy. It was a wonderful find! A new mystery personality, this one named Fever Develin. Great easy fun read.

5)Got home in time, after being forced to take some computer classes at Biscuit Bucket about being held up by robbers and how to suggestive sell - an odd combo,to watch the UK game. Dang it if they didn't get beat and it made me sad. I felt it coming with about three minutes left. But, better now and get it over with. Better to loose now than in March (if you know what I mean!).

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