Thursday, January 07, 2010

Number 40 of 365

January 6, 2010

Grace in Small Things

1) Driving down Wilma Rudolph Dr. (the main artery of Clarksville) and hitting all the green lights! (Imagine hitting all the lights on Nicholasville Rd!)(during rush hour).

2) Slipping on a new pair of Playtex gloves to wash dirty dishes. How I hate plunging my naked hands into dishwater. Yucky! How I miss my diswasher.

3) Having a major argument with Heather-Be-thy-Name and not getting fired, even though I was told I could be fired listening to Rita talk about K. (WTF) (she hates her guts) and for bad attitude (because I have to be handled in a certain way 7am in the morning! Not barked at and reprimanded like a 4yr old!)

4) I called a lawyer's office for a consultation and was consulted by the secretary over the phone and given sound advice before seeking professional help, (thank you Martha). I am going to try and take on TransUnion over an incorrect and misleading report on our credit rating. I have tried to clear it up it to no avail and have submitted my 100 word challenge which does not appear on the report! I'm like David taking on Goliath. My sling shot will be my pen.

5) Found a signed 2nd edition of Come and Go Molly Snow, one of my favorite books. I feel a re-read in the future.


Lori said...

Go get'em, Mary!

Nelle said...

Would like to kick Heather's arse (verbally of course)for you....have you tried contacting a local problem solver from a paper or TV news? They resolve those issues rather quickly.(credit problems)

Slots Strategy said...

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