Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make me more like Julia Child

or GiST's Number 59 of 365 - January 25th

1) Hearing Flock of Seagulls on Muzak. A real trip down that old '80's memory lane.

2) The sky was so dramatic on the ride into town. Black and turquoise with a cold front pushing in.

3) I made a tuna sandwich (because I decided not to go into town the day before and buy peanut butter) and it reminded me of the tuna sandwiches I had to endure as a child that my Mother made. She loved butter on her sandwiches (all of them) and so whenever she made one for us kids.....oh jeez. But the memory of those tuna and butter sandwiches opened up a door in my mind that had been closed for awhile.

4) When I awoke that morning I prayed that I would be enthusiastic about my new job at the Marketing office of the mall. I asked God to help me be more like Julia Child, as portrayed by Merryl S. in Julie and Julia. Enthusiastic and full of energy! And he listened!

5) While at work at the Mall, L. said some very irritating things, but I must have had some left over grace from my "let me be more like Julia Child" prayer and I just was very kind to her thinking she was having a bad Monday morning. ("I am sooooooo holy" as my little Bridget use to say after going to

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Nelle said...

Bless you my Child :)