Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Blizzard of 2007

Yesterday morning found me driving to an account. The snow was falling in an alarming manner, minimal traffic on the roads, the roads themselves horrible. I must admit that I was not terrified (as this Southerner has been in the past). I just keep repeating, "Damn the roads are awful" out loud to myself. And the occasional, "Idiot!!!" as vehicles came flying by me. Why did I have this misplaced sense of duty? I finished up at that account and hightailed it home.

A snow day!! It was great! Wonderful. Relaxing to watch the snow fall and drift up against the house. The snow was literally swept off the roof and deposited in the front yard. I could not open the door this morning due to three feet of snow directly in front.

And another snow day today! So the hatchet job waiting at work was put off for two days. It will be waiting tomorrow, I suppose.

I'll have my camera with me tomorrow and try and take some fabulous shots of this beautiful winter wonderland before the thaw is upon us.


mia wallace said...

your so lucky being able to see snow, here in spain we´re dreaming about it, may be next year...

Nelle said...

Today I had to drive to a training seminar at the Shore. The trees glistened like diamonds. It was incredible. If it hadn't been 18 degrees and the fact that other drivers were a bit careless I might have pulled over and tried to take a few pics with my phone. Problem is not sure how to use the new phone yet....the downside of a change.

Unhinged said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter how slowly and carefully you drive if some idiot in the oncoming lane loses control over his car. I know, because I've been there.

So WHAT are you doing driving on the roads, young lady?!