Saturday, February 17, 2007


Sunday Scriblings!

What a wonderful site. I have been thinking about the theme since seeing the word put up several days ago and have played around with several different spins. But it all comes back to one thing every time, the biggest crush I ever had while in High School. He was the Hunkiest of the Hunks. And I am very tempted to put his picture up here just because I want you all to see that his beauty transcends generations. (I'm thinking about it...I may embed it at the end).

Instead of writing a new post, I am going to go back in history and pull out PART II from the series I did two years ago.

Addicted to Love PART II

Fast forward to High School. A little background is needed. I went to a Catholic High School located in a city I did not live in. This High School had six elementary schools that fed into it. A total of only 400 students at that time. I knew only two people at the school the first day I set foot across the ugly faded blood red doors that led into the foyer adjacent to the front office. Neither of them were in my class. I was on my own....not for the last time in my life either.

I cannot remember the first time I saw him. If I could remember that moment, I'm sure that I was struck deaf, dumb and blind by his radiant beauty. His golden hair, his penetrating blue eyes, his slightly klutzy manner. He was a god. I referred to him as THE DOG to all my closest friends. They all knew I was severely crazy over him. I worshiped him from afar. I hung around the hallway closest to his homeroom just to catch a glimpse of him. I was so in love with him that I even joined the track team to be close to him.

He was two grades ahead of me and he was my world for two years. No one else mattered. The fact that he never knew I existed did not phase me. If he ever looked at me, which I am certain he did because who cannot notice someone worshipping you all the time for two years, I froze like a deer in headlights.

The strongest memory that has survived occurred at the water fountain outside the gym. My best friend, Karen, rushed over to me during study hall with a DOG alert. Sent to me in the form of a note...."Dog sighting in office." I got excused out of study hall and ran to the water fountain to get a drink waiting for him to walk by. I waited and waited, the water running and running. I was there for what seemed an eternity before giving up.

As I turned, abruptly...he was right behind me waiting to use the water fountain. I came close to knocking him down which thank God I did not. The stream of water I spewed all over him was quite enough.

I thought I was going to die.

Years later at our 20 year reunion, one of my teachers Mrs. W. made the remark to all with in earshot. "That J.S.............I had such a crush on him!"

Et Tu.


Nelle said...

Oh Mary! Our high school crushes were so intense. I remember my heartbreak when Ray, my blue eyed God and first intense crush broke up with me because I didn't put out! I still think often of my first real love though. He passed away just after I was divorced. A part of me will always love him. Great entry!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary what a GREAT entry! I still have a soft spot for my golden haired, blue eye God ... AKA my crush. This really made me smile as I recalled my own crush. ::sigh::


lightyears2venus said...

What did he do when you spit water all over him? Was he gracious or mad? What was the 'relationship' like after that? Was that the end of the 2 year crush? (Sorry, my questioning nature is sometimes a pain.) This is a really great entry and surely strikes a chord with every woman. I remember when I discovered that as I was travelling from one class to the next along the second story walkway, I could see HIM travelling the opposite direction down below (my high school corridors were outside). One day I saw HIM looking up, obviously looking for me. Oh the thrill of it all. But we were both way too shy to pursue it and he was a year younger anyway (taboo).

pia said...

That was adorable. I had a Junior High crush and married my college crush but honestly just had a teeny high school one

ab said...

Random blog brought me to your site....I've been lurking....reading.....enjoying....struck at some of the common language from my blog to yours not to mention the's a small meta-physical world.

Come visit sometime will ya?

I suspect we could be friends :)

Saadna said...

Je peux identifier avec ton histoire...

Blue said...

You always tell a graet tale!

emmapeelDallas said...

What a great entry, and he IS gorgeous...and The Dog...I love that!



sundaycynce said...

Delicious entry---fun, funny and so reminiscent of the ridiculous insanity we have all indulged in over our crushes. And, you are surely right: he is a classic HUNK!

Chris said...

I guess these days the teacher would have just jumped his bones like all of the other teachers are doing;)

Cute story!

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Paul said...

Jayz, that looks just like me in high school.

gledwood said...

Is that the actual guy you fell in love with?

Well he's not ugly, is he?

If you're wondering what I'm doing popping up here when you don't know me, you're on that random blog button thing, yes!

My blog is called gledwood2.blogspot I asked to be put on because I use random so much but I don't know if they did it...

Anyway you're welcome to drop by mine. It's very different to yours.

All the best now


ab said...

You're writing very well, enjoyable and readable. I just read your earlier blog, and think you have more to say. Won't you share some more (often)?

Anonymous said...

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