Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentines Day Lollapaloosa

I recently heard what the "average" person spends on Valentines day. I was not very shocked at the sizable amount when I consider how much I spend on this day! As you can see, I have an abundance of cards to mail out. I think everyone I have ever known is on my list!

Added to that is the boxes of candy I will put in the mail as I no longer live close enough to hand deliver them. And flowers to my Mom.

I should be allowed to purchase stock in the Post Office.

I am left with the dilemma of what to get the Hubs. I am seriously thinking of purchasing a TiVo for him verses signing up for the Comcast service.

I hate handing Comcast any more of my money! I could easily go on a rant here, but I will spare you all.

I'm going to a Pilates class that night, so dinner out is out. It will probably be a zoo out there anyway.


Lisa :-] said...

Please don't go on a rant about Comcast. After the high-speed internet service our local phone company provides proved to be crap, I had to contact
Comcast for a cable modem at the cafe. (I don't have cable at home...we have "Dish Netword.") Comcast has already proven to me why I gave up dealing with them years ago. I feel somewhat like I have sold my soul to the devil... :(

meno said...

Oh please go on a rant about Comcast! They deserve it.

pia said...

I have a cable company DVR--hate the cable company and have had many many Internet problems but the DVR only blew twice

It's an amazing thing--complete control of the TV

That's so sweet of you to do all that Valentine stuff

Anonymous said...

Comcast ... go ahead rant away! I can only imagine the support we would offer! I don't know if I've sent a Valentine's Day card! I hated those school exchange things, bad memories I guess. Geesh, who knows for sure.


Tracy said...

Hey, I got the Chocolate Card thats in the picture from my daughter for VD and a box of candy. I found you link through.....??? Anyway,Cute Blog.