Friday, February 23, 2007


I am wondering about blogs. Actually, what are the elements that make up a good blog? I have been surfing blogs the usual ways, through the Random button on The Worlds Greatest Blog, surfing Blog Explosion, blog jogging from the favorite blog section of other blogs, and investigating the blogs of those who comment on those journals I consider excellent....and I find that those who comment on thus mentioned blogs have equally interesting blogs.

Why do I use the word "excellent"? I understand what I consider excellent and entertaining, enlightening, and interesting others would consider long winded, bland and dull. Maybe.

Some journals that are highly read, get off the charts hits, and are the Golden Child. I just don't get it. But that is me, and I already know, one of me is enough.

I think that you have several camps of bloggers. There are those who seek to educate us. I know this appeals to many people, but I am not interested in politics or being preached to. Then there are the "how to" blogs, such as photography, cooking and knitting. Once again, interesting to some, and to me every so often. I only despair on the camera and photography. My photography has taken a dive. I am ashamed of it anymore!

The there are those daily bloggers. Something for everyone. Meme's and Themes! How do they do it, I don't know!

My favorites, the ones I consider excellent, are the Journals. Those who write to expel the demons, to explain themselves, to share themselves, to write for the joy of the word on the page, to learn about themselves. I find these so fascinating that I am compelled to read them as long as they are throwing it out there.

I think that I began writing because the Blogoshpere was new and I felt that adding my voice would be like throwing a bottle into the ocean. Not true. Recently I had several comments about a post I wrote several years ago about my College Experience. The commentor was from that era, from that culture, and from that Place. Sometimes you are fooled into thinking the world is a large place, only to hear your name being called out half way around the world. (granted, Mary is a pretty common name, but it is very disconcerting to know that there is always someone somewhere at ready to tell your Mother on you).


A.Roberson said...

Hey Hippie,
You've GOTTA see this pic that I posted on my photoblog. It is too funny, but I don't think it's least I hope not ;-)

Donna said...

My favorite blogs are the ones that make me laugh or smile. I read lots of different kinds, but if I had to give up all but a select few, other than my own children, I'd go for the humor. My all-time favorite blog, only recently discovered, is this one:

My husband, who doesn't "do" blogs, will sit and look at it for hours, laughing to himself. Now, I'll grant you, she's country and has horses and cows. That grabs my attention right away. But it's the humor that gets me.

Gannet Girl said...

I am always wondering why I blog, why I read blogs, etc., etc. Whatever the reason, it's a great pastime!

Nelle said...

I started my original AOL blog to write about my surviving my cancer then heart surgery. I found it was a great way to vent at times. I wanted to write clever, interesting entries but over time I found I was too busy or too tired and it has just become kind of a journal for me. Often I feel I have few readers and think of deleting it and one day I might but it is an outlet for me. Yours if far more interesting.

meno said...

I actually try not to spend too much time thinking about why i blog. But the truth is, i started it as a way to do some writing, and now it has become a way to communicate with people.

I don't want to be educated either, i want to listen to articulate people tell me about their lives, sometimes funny, sometimes serious.

How's that for not pinning anything down?

Lisa :-] said...

My favorites, the ones I consider excellent, are the Journals. Those who write to expel the demons, to explain themselves, to share themselves, to write for the joy of the word on the page, to learn about themselves.

I think I am one of these. At least, I hope I am.

Besides being an old virtual friend... :-]

AC said...

When I look at my link list, its the journal kind I most enjoy too. I like journals with photographs too. I read several political ones but my two favorite political ones are personal and journally by women I would love to know in real life.

Picking through the link lists of other blogs and clicking on commenters has led me to some awesome people. Now to lose that connection would be painful.

I think when I started blogging, I felt compelled to post something so when I commented the other blog authors wouldn't think me some anonymous nut. I don't know if I've helped that situation with a site of my own, but I do find it fun, often cathartic, even though I hold back on the emotional ranting about *some* family members.

Cynthia said...

The journals are my favorite too. Seeing these little bits of life, real people becoming words becoming people, it just grabs me. I started mine to just get started writing again, but it's taken on a life of its own. I don't plan it, it just sort of happens.

Trish said...

Great post. True how small the world is and just how connected we all really are. (I won't tell your mother on you)

I started journaling the same time you did. There were just a few of us back then. It's almost overwhelming now. But I still enjoy the originals just as much.

ps. did you know you can add the random blog button to the top of your blogger bar? :) love that thing!

Paul said...

Sometimes other bloggers are the people who can best appreciate things in my life, such as going to Cancun or seeing the Saw Doctors. You know who.

gigi said...

There are a number of approaches to blogging, as you say. Yet I think that those of us who read and write them are looking for essentially the same things, albeit perhaps at different times; a little information, a little entertainment, and a little connection to people outside of our own limited circle. For me, every post is a shout out to the universe and anyone who cares to listen.

And then it's gone.

Great post! :)