Saturday, June 18, 2005

Windshield Time

I was rambling down US 27 in Northern Indiana, my new main drag. It is a good thing that driving is a pleasure rather than a chore for me. I have my best thoughts, revelations, and conversations with myself while rolling down the lonesome highways.

I happened upon a jazz station out of Dayton. Not the wonderful old school style jazz of discombobulate melodies but the new smoothjazz. Not paying much attention to the music, it was a background score to the passing countryside.

As soon as the melody began, I recognized the song, "When a Man loves a Woman". I was catapolted back in time many years ago to a memory so sweet and and so strong that I realize now it was the most romantic moment in my life.

I was totally crazy and nuts about this guy. I met him.......well, there is a reason I left the story out of the Addicted to Love series. I was just so smitten with him for about eight months. He was much younger than I, by about 10 years. It was hard to see each other because we lived very far apart. Those are the type of relationships that remain fresh and unrealistic. Untouched by the pressures of the every day life. Towards the end, maybe even the last time I saw him, I was sad and depressed with the realization.

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