Monday, July 24, 2006


It seems that I have been in a certain place at a certain time, the opportune time, to overhear some juicy stuff from total and perfect strangers.

At my favorite consignment shop, (which I made a bee-line for the moment I landed in Lexington), in the changing area, which is actually four stalls in the middle of the store, protected from prying eyes by cloth curtains....

All was quiet and solemn, as it must be when trying on sizes too small for you, two girls burst into the dressing area.

Giggling, talking like they had not a care in the world about who might over hear them.

First part of the conversation: "He can't tell me who to be friends with and he can't block me from messaging him because he is mad and does not agree with the friendship!! And I told him so after the parking lot on the way to our cars"

Delicious stuff.

Suddenly the other one screamed in amusement, "I look like a Mermaid"

The other countered, "I look like a Mermaid too!!"

They ventured out of their dressing rooms to admire each other. This was followed by more giggling and more exclamations of how beautiful they looked when a third party entered the conversation.

"You two girls look like you have somewhere important to go."

"Oh no", one of them replied, "We just like to come in and put on the dresses!"

With that they exited the dressing area in pursuit of more.....I can only guess.... Mermaid dresses.

They returned and resumed their exuberant chattering.

"Quick, let me look at you."

"Wait a minute, this has sooooooooooooo many buttons!....Oh, Oh, I look so corporate!"

"You look special!"

"I feel special!!"

What I was feeling was the over flow of their fun. I felt special too.

I only wish that when I was their age that I would have had the brilliant idea to go play dress up at the consignemnt store with one of my best friends.

Big Girl Dress much fun is that!?


emmapeelDallas said...

It's the BEST of fun...I agree with you, I wish I had the wherewithal to do it at their ages.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment!



Cynthia said...

I freaking need a mermaid dress! I'm with you, I wish I'd been that smart when I was that fun. (Now to get the two together again.)