Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I got the Netflix Blues

Netflix is the only way to go when it comes to renting DVD's. The idea of a genius! I joined several years ago and have not set foot in a Blockbuster since.

At first, I had Netflix all to myself! Oh the joy of having all those chick flicks arrive and watched at my leisure. I even found some of my favorites from years gone by that rarely appeared on television and were never to be found at the local rental store!

Then Joe began to criticize my selections! And if I did not watch them in some preconceived respectable amount of time, he shipped them back and replace them with , what he refers to, as Real Man Movies.

In other words, I have lost control!

My BEFORE SUNRISE has been replaced by SLOW BURN.

My AURORA BOREALIS was replaced with WHY WE FIGHT.

My BOYNTON BEACH CLUB was tossed aside and TENACIOUS D arrived in its place.

I have to admit, some of his He-Man movies have been quite good. LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA is one of the boldest anti-war films I have ever seen. THE GOOD GERMAN was surprisingly good. BLOOD DIAMOND......one word, wow. Djimon Hounsou deserved the Oscar and was robbed.

And, some of my movies have sucked. I was bitterly disappointed with EVENING. I did not find any of the characters engaging with the exception of Toni Collette's role as the daughter. And it was excoriating watching Vanessa Redgrave wane away. And one of the principals, the pivotal character, I found so unsympathetic I was actually disappointed when he was not killed (on his first attempt!).

And then there was THE TIGER AND THE SNOW.

Sometimes I am not aware that the movie is going to be in sub-titles. I am typically annoyed that I am going to have to concentrate on "reading" the movie rather than developing opinions about plot and character. And when The Tiger and the snow began with Tom Waits playing piano at a wedding I had no idea what was in store for me.

I have not been so wowed over by a movie since LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA...which incidentally was in subtitles also.

For anyone who has not watched this movie yet (I think I must be one of the last since it was released in 2005), I will not ruin it for y'all...but I am so grateful to European directors who refuse to dumb down to their audiences. In other words, I never saw it coming!

I never saw it coming!!

Me, (who loves that American movies are dumbed down), who lives to lean over and whisper to Joe, "The Butler did it......."

I never saw it coming!

Wonderful film and once again the fight is on for control of the Netflix Queue.


Avitable said...

Do you realize that you can split your film allotment and each get a choice? We have five at a time, and my wife gets two and I get three, so we can keep our own queues. It's so much better!

Trish said...

I can relate. Someone in our household is preparing to produce a thriller. So guess what's been on our queue for six months.

It's been so intense, we've finally agreed to "mix it up" with fluff movies.

We also love to rent TV episodes (HBO, Showtime and others).

Becky said...

Aww! I feel for ya. Netflix is STILL all mine. The husband claims to have "no time for movies". Feh. There is always time for a movie. LOL! I have Ghost Rider, a Jackie Chan classic and The Illusionist currently waiting for me to fire up the DVD player. :-)

Paul said...

Way to go, Joe! Stand firm against chick-flick hysteria.

Nelle said...

I just saw Blood Diamond last week and it was awesome. I have fluctuated back and forth about joining NetFlix. We have HBO and every Sat. night they have a new movie. During the week I rarely have time to watch one. Many evenings I just catch a rerun of Law and Order between dinner and bed time. Damn that makes me feel old!