Thursday, December 06, 2007

Almost Famous

Sunday morning I was looking through the travel section and read for the umpteenth time that you too can share your travel photo's with the Courier Journal! I looked at the photo's and thought to myself (for the umpteenth time)that my photo's are as good, if not better, than the three being featured that morning.

So I did it, I sat down and registered and uploaded four photo's from our trip to Ireland in 2004. My favorite photo from the entire 2004 was the one of Paddy Gleeson waving good-bye to Joe and myself as we left his cottage in O'Callahan's Mills, the home of one set of my Grandparents.

Paddy had just turned 100 and had his cards strung around the room from a string he had attached to all four walls. They hung like Christmas ornaments around the small dark area. We sat in front of his peat fire and drank a thimble of some grape wine he had on hand. He was partially deaf and very cute for 100.

Yesterday evening I open the paper and turn to A-2 and almost fall off the couch.

There is Paddy!!

I was not named as the photographer who supplied the picture, but the thrill of seeing one of my shots published was just pure joy. I immediately ran out of the house and began to hunt down all the newspaper stands to grab as many as I could.

After calling my mother.

And my brother.

And my sister.

I was so shocked and speechless!




Lisa :-] said...

VERY cool, Mary... Though it would be nice to at least get some kind of credit for your "intellectual property" a mention of your name.

AC said...

That is indeed. SO COOL. Not just the photograph, which I love, but getting in print. Everything in Ireland is photogenic, isn't it.

Chris said...

That is so cool! Proud of you and I know it had to make you gleeful all day!

But don't drink too much Guiness tonight celebrating and end up in
wait for it

Ok, feel free to boo now:)

But that was seriously cool!

gigi said...

Congrats, Mary! It's a wonderful picture.

Becky said...

Neat!! Kinda reminds me of the feeling the first time I saw some of my photos printed in our high school year book (I was a staff photographer assigned to girls sports.)

V said...


thenav said...


I read several of your blogs and must say, we are running almost parallel courses. I'm 56 years old and was born and raised in New Albany, IN. I lived there 25 years, then moved to Arizona.

I remember cruising 4th Steet in Louisville while in high school (Providence in Clarksville) and listening to Bill Bailey and Johny Randall at WKLO and WAKY. One of those stations was right there on 4th Street and you could hold up a sign to whoever was on the air at that time and they play the song for you. Of course, it was all AM radio, but man, did they play some good stuff back then!
All my family and relatives still live back there. I get in about once a year.
I've been to Ireland twice. Being born on St. Patrick's Day, I figured what better place to spend my 50th birthday. I ended up going back 9 months later to spend a week there with my brother, Mike Naville. I loved Ireland and can't wait to go back there.
As far being famous; congrats! I had my 15 minutes a couple years ago when my book, "Echo Whispers" got published. It received a nomination to the New York Times Best Seller list.
Anyway, it was good reading your stuff and reliving some good old memories. I too, am a perpetually old hippie. It's just that my contemporaries around me would never suspect it.

Best Regards:
Patrick Naville (