Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I've been in and out of Happiness*

I was leaving the Kroger store yesterday, a 12 pack of Miller's Chill in one hand, a bottle of the hard to find Ken's Sun Dried Tomato salad dressing in the other and I became aware of this strange sensation as I walked out into the waning light of a sun drenched day. What is this thing on my face? It's a smile! By gosh, I'm happy!!

Have you had such moments? I remember them like four leaf clovers pressed in some lost book I use to have. Last year I was in a Walmart and suddenly knew I was soooooooooo happy moving to the Louisville area. I don't know why they take me by surprise, but they do.

My daughter is moving into a better apartment across town and I was helping out (just a little) in the clean up and I ran across an old hard plastic pencil box from her grammar school days. I held it up and began to laugh. I had been looking all over for that damn box and had given it up as lost. And there it was, with her.

Rightfully, it/they are hers. She collected them when she was a wee thing. She collected, I bought. I loved those things!

I never did see the "Mary" version of the Garbage Pail Kids, but Bridget hated hers...I'll post it later.

This was my favorite.

* "Is your love in vain?" Bob Dylan, Street Legal, 1978


Becky said...

Garbage Pail Kids! Wow...there's a blast from the past that I'd forgotten about. LOL


Lisa :-] said...

Good to hear that you are happy. You had a little bit of a rough time earlier this year.

TJ said...

Toooooo funny!
Love your blog..lots of expressions here.
Your header is GREAT!!