Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Long until I get Fired.

I have always had this problem. In retrospect it may be why I never I have never risen very high in any Corporation.

It's my attitude.

I try and keep a straight face when I am told how important it is to make sure the door closes behind me when I enter the stock room, because one time along time ago in another store, someone was followed into the stock room!!

I'm like, "Okay they were followed into the stock room and what? Held at knife point? Made to hand over the rubber duckies? Raped among the Yankee candles? Someone stole a box of Moon pies? Exited the building through the back door (alarms people!) and skipped out on a meal?"

"Please get into the habit of telling someone when you are leaving the floor." (OK! ASHLEY ASHLEY!!OVER HERE! I'M GOING TO THE BATHROOM TO CHECK ON THE MESS THAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE MADE! OK!!)

"Please do not talk to the cashiers/hostess/other sales clerks when there are customers on the floor. They need to be chatted up." (Give me a break!)

And it goes on and on. Ridiculous stuff that adhered to makes someone rise through the ranks!

At times I feel bad about my reaction to the totally absurd.

Take yesterday. We (me and the other new hire) were given the assignment to set up the new display of all the Thanksgiving stuff that just arrived. But first, we had to clean the area. Sweep the floor, wipe off the display case, dust off the wood burning stove, bring out all the new merchandise to the floor.

She took cleaning the wood burning stove.....30 minutes later she is still cleaning out the inside of the stove while I have swept the floor around the display, and the area around the store, wiped off the "ladder", brought out most all the items, and have begun to set up the window side of the display.

Before this torturous exercise was finished I learned, I do not play well with others. I would have preferred to have done the entire thing myself. Not that she was a slacker or anything like that, she was the opposite! She was too anal! I had the entire window side set up and then she starts giving me orders!

I also realize I do not like to take orders.

From anybody.

I give myself another month at the most.


Chris said...

Bad news....the boss said he needs to see you before you clock in tomorrow;)

nah, you'll be fine, just quit smacking the stupid customers, they can't help it!

Lulu LaBonne said...

Crikey - it doesn't sound like you're having a whole lot of fun there.

Hope it improves!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as you.. get out of my way, and just let me "do it" already!~