Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reign of Terror

She is an overbearing piece of work. And I refuse to allow her to get under my skin - at least no more than she already has. Thank God she is off to Florida for a vacation, when she mentioned in a "sales training meeting" (i.e. "Sell the way I tell you to!") I commented, "Hurricane season.", to which she replies, "Doesn't bother me, I was in Florida when Katrina came through".

"Bitch!!" I though in my head, "You don't know hurricane until you are evacuated form a shelter as a Category 5 is tearing the roof off and being driven off to God Knows Where on a bus with semi hysterical people in 140 mile per hour winds as pieces of buildings are hurtled in the path in front of you! And then, you have to get off the bus and run like your life depends on it....." but, I only said it in my head.

Yesterday, she changed the schedule before leaving and did not contact anyone. I was lucky because one of the "twins" ("They're twins!!They look nothing alike!!" but after almost two months, they are beginning to resemble one another.) called me to come in early because poor Wilma did not come in at her assigned time, which had been changed.

Wilma was beside herself when she showed up at the pre-change time. She was so concerned about a second write up, this being her second time "late" due to a schedule change.

Have I mentioned the Wilma is about 75 years old and a little dynamo whom I love dearly.

If it wasn't so tragic and tearing up peoples lives, it would be funny. But it is not even amusing anymore.

Everyone please pray and send positive thoughts my way as I am in the second phase of the interview process of a really cool job!!

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Lisa :-] said...

This woman sounds like the supervisor from hell...

Good luck on the new job.