Friday, January 04, 2013

What's up Pussycat?

I begin the new year saying I am going to write more and then the computer goes kaput!

Right now I am dressed as a rag woman, in my 1974 Irish Fisherman sweater my Mom brought back from her trip to the old country that year and handed to me. I shunned it for a long long time as it is wool and very scratchy and I am "allergic" to wool. Can not wear it without constantly pulling the neck away from my skin and squirming in agony. But, I wear it all the time now. My skin still responds the same but I have learned to protect it. My sister took one look at me over Christmas and asked me to please throw it away, she would give me three Irish Sweaters she has and never uses.

Are hers over 35 years old? Did Mom give it to her knowing she is allergic to wool? Does hers have a spot right on the front that is slightly coming apart? Does hers have a stain where the spaghetti sauce exploded?

So, I wear it when I get up in the morning in lieu of a bathrobe. I almost like the scratchy neck line. I love it because it is old and from Mom. I wear it out in public today because I am sick and it comforts me.

I also have a red running cap on my head. I am styling. 


Nelle said...

I have one too and I have to put a turtleneck or scarf on under it. Glad to see you are blogging again.

Lisa :-] said...

Pictures! We need pictures! :D

Ali la Loca said...

argh, itchy wool is THE WORST. I can't do it! I've given away so many beautiful sweaters...