Thursday, January 30, 2014

I met Ringo Starr ..... Again

I was a dreaming beast last night. The images in my head transformed into incredibly interesting scenarios were brought on by several instigators. The best dream was meeting Ringo...again. That was the telephone call I made to Joe as Ringo sat in a lawn chair in a semi-circle with a group of people I was hanging out with at a party of some sort. "Guess what? I am with Ringo...again!"

I was also trying to solve a mystery murder while hobnobbing with the ex-Beatle. That was the contribution from the television show Justified and the book I am reading, The Dean in Their Vaulted Arches. All in all it was nice to meet Ringo again. He is charming.

My life and situation is so totally different than a year ago that it bears reflection. My husband is retired and I quit my job at Cracker Barrel last July. My husband is home all the time! I have altered and adjusted.

My Mother is very ill and dying. I am helping to care for her at home and make her final months as comfortable as possible. I am apparently not a very good nurse. I have an highly refined gag reflex and I am angry with her for getting sick. I wanted her to live forever, or at least until I could wring all her wisdom into a spray jar that I could take out and spray at the appropriate times. 

I am writing like crazy in my journal and it is lame. I feel that if I challenge myself to once again take up the keyboard maybe I can force myself to make sense out of this new stage in my life and not just rant and rave with an occasional whine.

I am off to spend the night at Mom's after coming off a week of a semi-flu attack. I have been cooking up a feast to take with me wearing surgical gloves and face mask.


Lisa :-] said...

So sorry about your mom, Mary. Sending strong thoughts your way to help you cope. If you decide to post again in less than a year, I'll be reading.


Sorry to hear about your mom. It is hard to be a caregiver.

Remembering Grace said...

Mary, it's good to hear from you, but I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. When my grandmother was in her last months, I discovered I wasn't a very good caregiver, either. I wanted to be, so bad.

I almost met Ringo Starr, when he was here in concert years and years ago. We were accidentally backstage when he and the All-Star Band came out. I was a spaz and just stood there with my mouth hanging open, trying to be invisible. :)

Jon said...

I'm so deeply sorry to hear about your mother. I went through the same thing when my Mom died four years ago and I never fully recovered. Much like you, I thought I would have her forever.

I appreciate your comments on my blog and I'm delighted that you haven't forgotten me.
Take care.