Tuesday, June 08, 2004

We head down the lane towards the larger road that will lead us to Ennisn.

The light in Ireland is different than in other places. It is soft and translucent. The sheer greenishness of the surrounding countryside holds you in a yellowish green carouse. One does not need sunglasses. The roadway gives way to the fields that stretch towards the horizon. Scattered are the low trees that are covered in white flowers. Yellow bushes dot the scenery sometimes in concentrated configurations. Violet flowers hang from trees. A lone tulip like red flower stands by the roadway.

Everything is different and everything is magical.

I gaze out the car window and can not find words to express what I am feeling. Is it possible to be part of a collective consciousness? That my ancestry has provided me? I do not feel like a stranger, I do not feel like a visitor.

I feel as if I have come home.

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